Cold Room Solutions offers a variety of quality products... from custom manufactured walk-ins to replacement doors.


Our walk-ins are designed per the client's specifications and budget to ensure an exact project match. From -40°C freezers to +37°C warm rooms, we have a product that will meet your needs.

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Controlled Environmental Rooms

Every environmental room that Cold Room Solutions manufactures is designed to provide a very specific temperature uniformity and humidity level.

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Class 100K Cold Rooms

We understand the complexities and essential equipment required to have a fully functioning and reliable Class 100K cold room.

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Need a warehouse size storage facility? We can help with all phases of the project.

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To complement our walk-ins, a variety of accessories are available. Some of these accessories include, but are not limited to shelving, pallet racks, and mechanical equipment.

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All control panels are engineered to meet strict standards and quality. Panels are fabricated in our shop and are manufactured to UL standards.

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Cold Room Solutions offers replacement doors custom built for just about any size or application.

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If you have a need for temperature controlled rooms or any related component, contact us today to get your free quote.

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